What is your favorite Fantasy novel?


4 thoughts on “Question….

  1. My favorite fantasy book would probably have to be “The Hobbit.” There are a lot of other fantasy books that I enjoyed, but felt, wrongly or rightly, that I could do better. That’s part of what sparked me to write. I think C.S. Lewis and Tolkien had similar motives; there weren’t enough of the kinds of books that they liked to read.

  2. I have many favorite fantasy novels, but the one close to the top of my list that does well on literary standards is “Elric of Melnibone”, it’s pure poetry to my ears, followed closely by books in the “Dragonlance” series. But, I have great respect for Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis though. 🙂

  3. I would say the Door Within Trilogy… starts out slow but has a great story with a great message and plenty of action. The plot is really good too.I also like the Lord of the Rings, but for a quick read with lots of intense action and good plot, I like the door within trilogy.

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