and 1984

Recently on, they banned not one but two books, off their electronic book reader known as the Kindle. What books you ask? Both of these you’ve probably have read in high school, they are the books 1984 and Animal Farm. Both of these books, have one thing in common they are political satire using science fiction as their medium, such as the books The Giver and Fahrenheit 451.

But why did Amazon do this? They are an online store, they’re supposed to have EVERYTHING!. For example, what if Wal-Mart banned these books also? What if your local bookstore and these books also? I don’t think very many people would be happy except maybe those people who censor everything, and our left-wing capital.

Being a book nut myself, I’d be totally offended. But hey look at the bright side, if you bought any of those books on Amazon Kindle you get a $.99 refund…..what do you think?