Disney to buy Marvel for $4 Billion!!!

You know who the characters Wolverine, Spider-man, and the Hulk are right? Well, they are now Mousgateers. Disney is going to buy these characters , and thousands more. Weird huh?
Well, I hope Disney won’t destroy these classic characters, and make them only for little kids
(imagine The Punisher wearing a mickey mouse hat, not pretty) .

If you’d like to know more, heres the link: http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Investing/Dispatch/market-dispatches.aspx?post=1241188&GT1=33002



Hey ppl! I went to Fandemonium, but I forgot a stupid camera, lol.

Fandemonium is coming!!!

Starting August 7th, there will be a 3 day sci-fi convention in the town of Nampa, ID. One of my close friends and I will be going……. to watch people! lol, just kidding.
Their will be tons of booths there, costume contests, a Halo tournament, and other awsome stuff.
I will be taking pictures so you will see the insanely awsome stuff that was there.
To find more info I’d go to http://www.fandemonium.org