Left Behind review.

left behind Ok, I’m going to start by saying this is a fantasy series. I’m not one of those people who take it seriously. The only book I take very seriously is the Bible.  

     On to the book…

  Very good reading. If your looking for action , suspense,  and apocalypse fiction you’ll love this series. I give it nine out of ten points.

    In the first book, people mysteriously vanish. No one knows where the people have gone, and the ones left behind are in terror.

     Meanwhile journalist Buck Williams, and Rayford Steele are set to find out what happened , risking their lives doing so, for some reason deaths are following. They soon realize it was an event in the Bible known as The Rapture. And a shocking truth that will put these people in hiding for years….


One thought on “Left Behind review.

  1. The book looks promising. Again, being a fantasy book, it seems that it's more haunting due to its relevance. The Rapture is very timely since the release of 2012 the movie. It seems that this book will serve its purpose well.

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