The Witcher series review

After reading Conan for the first time, I thought Robert E. Howard was the best fantasy writer ever. Same kind of phenomenon happened with writers such as Tolkien, Goodkind, Batson, Lewis, Burroughs, Moorcock, Herbert, the list goes on…..
But then I found polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski! (I know , good luck pronouncing the first name 🙂 …) And he put all those authors to shame in originality.
Sapkowski, if you haven’t heard of him, he is the “Stephen King” of the Polish publishing field. He’s even compared as being the Eastern European equivalent to “Tolkien”.
I can see why.
His “Witcher Saga” is about a man called Geralt de Rivia who is a Witcher. What is a Witcher you ask? A Witcher is a mutant, kidnapped as a child, and given special herbs to become stronger, faster, and smarter than other humans.
And their mission……. to kill monsters and get paid.
Geralt is one smart-aleck. In the most serious scenes, you’ll just start laughing at his remarks. A much needed break from moody and cliched characters that plaque many a book.
The books are great. In most of the first book “The Last Wish” , you’ll find that most of the tales are like those old Brothers Grimm tales that your grandparents or school teachers used to tell you. They are in the way of having a moral at the end.
But these tales are not for children. Keep them very, very far from children. The same reason why you don’t let little kids watch Clint Eastwood movies, as you’ll find in the first page and a half.
Only two of his books are here in the states. Here they are in reading order: “The Last Wish”, and then “Blood of Elves”.
Happy reading, these will keep you entertained for weeks. 🙂


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