Swords of the Six by Scott Appleton REVIEW


The great Dragon Prophet’s choicest warriors have turned their back on him, choosing the side of evil and slaying innocents. Now, a thousand years later, the blades are rusty from feeding on blood of innocent men. The Dragon Prophet senses evil is back, so he makes children, who are of dragon blood, but are in human form, to purify the swords and bring justice to the traitors.


Want a good christian fantasy? This book is exactly that. Appleton’s book shows great examples of self-sacrifice, honor, fighting temptation, and true love. A great break from heroes with wanton sexual desires, and slaying everything that moves for just the sake of bloodshed.

The heroes don’t fight back, unless they are attacked first. There is blood and guts as you’d find in the Bible, but it’s not a blood soaked hack n’ slash romp.

There is no “good” magic as you’d see in Harry Potter or LOTR, the magic is evil. The good guys in contrast have “gifts” from God.

Religion wise, the religion is a lot like Christianity, unlike usual polytheistic fare you normally see in fantasy novels today. And of course there is an evil Dark-lord you’d usually see in fantasy.

Even though the book is considered Christian, the characters are not without their faults. Like in the Bible, Moses and the whole lot of Biblical characters had problems with temptation. But always in the end, the main characters find the error of their ways, and are punished in some way, like in life.

Every once in a while in the book, it’s kind of slow, but keep reading, because it’ll suck you back in, and you will probably finish it in a day or two.

Overall this book is an amazing book by a first-time writer, I’d recommend it to you in a heartbeat! Kudos to the author! I give it 5 stars out of 5!

NOTE: Be on the lookout for a new edition of the book , because it has been picked up by AMG Publishers! And be on the lookout for an upcoming interview with the author! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Swords of the Six by Scott Appleton REVIEW

  1. This is my absolute favorite fantasy novel. Well written, very exciting and has a great plot with fun twists and turns. I’ve read portions of the second novel and it’s unbelievable, beyond a doubt the best fiction book you will ever read in the fantasy genre. This series is going places!

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