Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind REVIEW

  Note: I would read book one first entitled Wizard’s First Rule.

 I don’t usually read books over 800 pages. Why? Because I get bored. That is why I don’t read Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time saga anymore. By no means are Jordan’s books badly written, I just get confused with which character does what.

When I started Terry Goodkind’s gigantic Sword of Truth saga, I was worried he’d confuse me later. Thankfully, he did not. He kept me on my toes throughout Wizard’s First Rule , throwing shocker after shocker, and awesome fights reminiscent of R.A Salvatore.

Book two, Stone of Tears begins with a bang, and ends with a bang, with smatterings of classic political tension, and true love in the classical sense.

This isn’t a book for the faint of heart. Action is bloody and very graphic. And yes, there is sexual tension ( the kind which can be skipped over, without losing important information.). And even cannibalism.

The villains are very, and I mean very diabolical. The kind of villains that are dangerously too smart for their own good (which eventually gets them killed.).

Goodkind also weaves heroes that actually act like real people, by the way they think, feel and act. You will be able to relate to most of the heroes, and yes even the villains.

I give this book 6 points out of 10.


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