Fandemonium 2011

Every year at the Nampa Civic Center is a Sci-fi & Fantasy convention called Fandemonium. The last time I went was in 09, and it was the year local writer Ken McConnell came. It was the first time I had a Sci-fi writer in my presence.

        And the gist of the authors panel  was that anyone can publish a book. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you love writing, that’s all that matters.

         And every year at this convention they have a speculative short story contest. The winner’s submission will be published online. In 09, I didn’t submit because frankly, I was scared. Scared I would embarrass myself. And scared of  the dreaded rejection slip.

    This year, I am submitting. Because I now have more faith in my writing ability. I am going to take a classic sword & sorcery tale I wrote called “Days of Ice”. This story is one that has never been published in an ezine. And to make it the best, I’m going to edit the living daylights out of the story.

    Even if I lose, I’m going to be proud. Because after all, anyone can write.

NOTE: Stay tuned for a review of  Ken McConnell’s “Tyrmia” !

UPDATE: I will not be submitting, I just found out you have to be pre-registered. I’m going to now probably send my submission around to short story mags. Wish me luck!


One thought on “Fandemonium 2011

  1. Good luck. =) Just remember, no matter how many times you get rejected, just keep goin’ at it. You’re an awesome writer, and well-read too, might I add. =P You’re sure to get published…

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