Thor Review


Thor, son of the Norse God Odin, is banished for an unprovoked attack on the Ice Giants of Jondheim, and is sent to Earth to learn humility. Will he learn his lesson before it’s too late?


Since I was a kid, I have always liked Marvel Comics. Spider-man, X-Men, Hulk, you name it, I’d probably read it. Thor, not so much. He always spoke like Shakespeare, and when I was just 8, I hated it.

But, I had faith Marvel and Paramount would do a good job. This was mainly because of a little film called Iron Man. Iron Man really wasn’t a popular comic book character until after the film. I knew Marvel and Paramount could also turn the obscure Thor into a popular character.


There is not really a normal superhero film. The main character is far from a Peter Parker or mild-mannered Clark Kent. He’s an arrogant jerk in the beginning. Being a son of a Norse God would make anyone that way. If you know much about Vikings this totally makes sense.

By the end of the movie he is a changed person. The whole focus of the story is how he changes from a proud man to a humble one. J. Michael Stracynski, creator of the television series Babylon 5, and writer of the movie Changeling, was the guy who came up with the story for the movie. His comic book writing experiences have really helped him. The story is like an epic written by Homer, and that is great for a hero movie. You get larger-than-life personalities, beautiful women, and Gods fighting.

It’s a recipe for success.

Camera Work

Kenneth Branagh has outdone himself. His experiences directing Shakespeare movie adaptations have done him good. The world of Asgard looked more realistic than in the comics. I had to remind myself I wasn’t watching Lord of the Rings, because that’s what it looks like.

I wonder if it was even more beautiful in 3D. Fans of other visual masterpieces like Avatar will love this movie.


The cast is good. Sir Anthony Hopkins was cast as Thor’s father Odin, and as always Hopkins puts all of his acting skills to work. And it works. The caster took a gamble on bringing Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth to play Thor. I guess he’s a very popular actor in Australia, and Thor is only his second American movie. His first American film was Star Trek from 2009, in which he played Kirk’s Dad, who dies after the first few minutes.

He has proven to have enormous potential as a movie star. I have a feeling his career is going to be long.


I give the movie 5 stars out of 5! Loved it!

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Tyrmia by Ken McConnell REVIEW


A star-fighter has her ship shot down on an alien planet, filled with savage aliens. Will she be able to survive?


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This is an excellent book! I honestly didn’t know what to think, because after all, it’s not published by a huge publishing conglomerate, but rather is self-published. The standard has just been raised. It even surpassed all self and traditionally published sci-fi books out this year.

The plot is a classic star-trooper marooned on planet, live among natives, befriends natives, etcetera. But it’s a plot with something to say. The book explores Imperialism (has tons of similarities of the Boer war.) not in a way previous novels I read present it, but rather makes the tale human. It was stunning. And there were tons of plot twists that I never saw coming.

Even the star pilot in the story was excellent. She was a she (a shocker in a heavily macho demographic.) and she wasn’t a stoic, unflinching killer with a gun. She was like a living, breathing person. I also loved the fact she was a smart Aleck. A great break.

And in the matter of the writing quality, the writing is short, crisp and fast. Exactly how I like it. There is a little techno babble here and there, you either like it, or you hate it.  And not  one misspelling , goes to show the quality of the book.

Also, thank you Mr. McConnell for the free reviewers copy!


I absolutely loved the book. It’ll appeal to fans of Avatar and Isaac Asimov. 5 out of 5 stars!

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