Offspring By Scott Appleton REVIEW

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Premise; The continuation of the Sword of the Dragon Saga. Book 1 is “Swords of the Six”.


Oddly, the only Christian fantasy books I really seem to find in Christian bookstores are the Narnia books by CS Lewis. Sadly, most other Christian fantasy writers are very hard to find, especially ones that are for older readers such as myself. (When I say older I mean older than the age of 17. ) If you’re over the age of 17, and are looking for a more mature Christian fantasy novel, then check out Scott Appleton.

The characters in the novel are deep, unlike with a lot of novels on the market right now. The characters are realistic, and it was as if the author actually interviewed his characters as he was writing the novel. Kind of reminded me of old friends, sitting next to you and telling you their story. The characters are just one of the many things that makes this novel great.

The plot of this novel is a lot more intricate than the first novel. The story is bigger and more epic in scope, whereas the first book was structured more as a fairytale. The action & suspense never lets up. It is a hybrid style between the action packed cinematic writing of R.A Salvatore, and the morality of J.R.R. Tolkien. Perfect for sitting in the living room and reading after a hard day at work. The story may be considered Christian, but the story would appeal to anyone who loves a great fantasy book well told. I don’t want to spoil the story!


I believe we have another great fantasy writer in the making. Do yourself a favor and pick up a Scott Appleton book! Overall, I give this book 5 stars out of 5!
Note: This book was sent to me to read by the author Scott Appleton and his publisher AMG.  And the manuscript may have changes, since my copy was an ARC.


Talion: Revenant by Michael Stackpole REVIEW

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By Jake Scholl

Premise: Nolan, a member of the Talions, a group who’s mission is to fight for justice. Nolan will have his beliefs tested , but will he succumb to his wants or do what’s right?


You may know of Michael Stackpole if you’ve ever read Star Wars or Battle Tech novels. Talion : Revenant is the first novel Stackpole has ever written. But wasn’t the first book that was published. Back in the 1980s, when Double Day read Talion, they said it was too long of a book for an unknown writer, so they had him write a different book, which became Once A Hero. Then they published Talion: Revenant.

Then, 30 years later, Stackpole broke his relationship with Double Day, thus his books went out of print, and the only copies of his fantasy novels availible were used ones. With the advent of e Readers, Stackpole decided to self publish Talion, and all of his writing that had been collecting dust.

Stackpole has written an amazing piece of fantasy, regardless of how it was published. The characters are realistic, and have very hard choices to make. The characters motivations are clear and concise. This makes for perfect reading.

The plot is very fast and very furious, action scenes are short yet pack a punch. Stackpole starts threads of plot , and finishes them with ease like a well oiled machine. Fans of Salvatore and Goodkind will devour this books in a few days.


I give Talion: Revenant 5 out of 5 stars! If your looking for an amazing e Reader fantasy novel, I recommend this book!

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The Gateway by Glenn G. Thater REVIEW

*Spoiler Alert*

Summary: King and patrol get lost in woods, it’s up to fierce warrior Lord Angle Theta to find him.


My first review was deleted on Amazon, I don’t know why. I didn’t really enjoy this book. I am a huge fan of Sword & Sorcery, but this story was subpar. I know, S & S may seem like you just need killing, but that is not the case. This book is far from being a Michael Moorcock novel.

He tries though. The description was good, not too much wrong with that. When the characters start talking, everything goes downhill. He mixes thees and thous and modern slang a little too much. I mean, if a Sword & Sorcery tale is set in a Conan-like era, why add modern slang?

The plot wasn’t so great either. It felt like a mash up of every fantasy and cheap horror flick ever made.

Another crucial thing he didn’t write well about were the creatures. It was as if he opened up a LOTR book, and took all the creatures from that. I know all fantasies copy Tolkien, but saying Hobbit? At least a Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms Halflings and Kender, are totally different from Tolkien’s Hobbits. He should have made his own version of little people. At least his Gnome was different that most Gnomes…oh wait the Gnome was more like a grumpy dwarf.

Lastly, the author adds way too many characters way too fast. I got easily confused. Even the late Robert Jordan, who was notorious for having a whole lot of characters didn’t confuse me.



I give this book 1 star out of 5. It’s a first novel that should have been edited better. Don’t waste the megabits on your eReader.

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Dune Messiah Review

*Slight spoiler alert*

This is not a normal review. Due to the fact this book is decades old, and is far from new. This version is just the kindle version. This is more of a format review. In this edition, there is a wonderful intro by Frank Herbert’s son Brian. It is truly written by a son that is proud of his father. If your a Dad, be prepared to cry.

I was a little disappointed with the book formatting though. Every once in awhile there are are sentences split in half, leaving some awkward spaces. Other than that, it’s good. The story hasn’t changed, so if you were among the many that hated this book back in the day, you’ll still hate it.


I give this ebook 4 out of 5 stars.

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