The Pirate King by R.A Salvatore REVIEW

NOTE: “The Pirate King” is the second book in the Transitions Trilogy by R.A Salvatore. The series takes place in the Forgotten Realms world called Faerun, and is about the Dark Elf Ranger Drizzt Do’Urden. If you have no idea who that is, I would read “The Crystal Shard”, then read the book before this one called “The Orc King”. Or read all the prior Drizzt books beforehand.

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Tie in fiction is not always crap. I can name a lot of really good fiction written in franchises like HALO, Star Wars, Dragonlance, etc.  The setting of The Pirate King is in Faerun, the setting for the Pen & Paper RPG Forgotten Realms.  If you are a gamer, you may have encountered Faerun in the famous Forgotten Realms computer game Baldur’s Gate.

The Pirate King is written by R.A Salvatore, and has to do with one of his creations known as the Dark Elf Ranger Drizzt. He’s not evil by any means. He is just a species of elf that’s black instead of having fair skin. In the books, he fights racism constantly, and always proves his worth. In all of fantasy, Drizzt is a perfect way to attack racism and bigotry.

This review would be a very boring read, if I chose to explain everything that has happened in the 30+ years Salvatore has been writing books about Drizzt. So, I won’t spoil the plot. 🙂

The plot starts with a bang, and then gets boring in the middle. When I was in the middle I was thinking of giving the book a very low score. Since I’m a fan of Salvatore, I kept reading the book. My mind was changed when I neared the last act of the tale. All the stuff I thought was useless became important to how the story was wrapped up. If you like politics, good vs. evil, magic, and of course Pirates, read a book by Salvatore.

The characters were written very well. All of them had very clear motivations for how they behaved. I not only loved the heroes, I also loved the villains (Kind of hard not to like Pirates.)

The writing was classic Salvatore. The action was described very well. Once in awhile though I wish I had room to imagine more during the fight scenes, rather than being told every single little move in a sword fight.  My favorite thing about the book was the witty dialogue between characters, and the epic magic duels between wizards.

Overall, I give the book 4 stars out of 5! If you haven’t read a Salvatore book, sooner is better than later.

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