Star Wars: Shadow Games by Michael Reaves & Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff REVIEW

 In celebration of May the 4th

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, or as known to people everywhere as Star Wars Day, I thought I would post the review of a recent Star Wars book I finished. I had been longing to read a Sci-fi novel for awhile ironically.

I am far behind in the Star Wars expanded universe (I haven’t read a Star Wars book since Jr. High), so I found a book that takes place before Episode IV.

Shadow Games is about a smuggler named Dash Rendar. Right after he tries to beat Han Solo’s time on the Kessel Run, his engines get fried. To get his ship fixed, he goes to Mos Eisley on Tattooine. To make matters worse, he doesn’t have enough money to fix his ship.

He finds a pop singer that needs a bodyguard, and it’s a job that pays enough to fix his ship. Dash thinks it will be easy…Until someone tries to kill his boss.

To find out more, I would read the book.  🙂

The thing that makes this a pretty good Star Wars novel is the characters. All the characters are very smart, and have big egos. The dialogue inside is much like the dialogue you will find in an old school detective novel. The person I really fell in love with was one of the droids. Mainly because it was programmed to be sarcastic and make bad jokes.

The one problem I had was with some of the writing itself. A thing I like about other Star Wars novels and the movies (And Space Operas in general.) is that the tech is easy to understand and never really gets into the technical details of ships or machines. Whereas this novel goes into the nitty gritty of the tech, and never really let me imagine much.

But the twists and turns made me want to keep reading.

Overall I give the book 3 ½ stars out of 5! This novel is a great Sci-fi whodunit.  (Also, a very popular Star Wars character makes a cameo that you don’t want to miss!)


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