Cadman’s Gambit by D.P Prior REVIEW

NOTE: If you’re a squeamish reader avoid this book. If you’re a fan of George R.R Martin books and like watching Braveheart, you’ll love this book.

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When searching Amazon for eBooks I am very careful. Especially when it comes to Fantasy & Sci-fi.

When I see a five star review, I take it with a grain of salt. Mainly because sometimes that reviewer is a friend of the writer. Or in some cases, it’s actually the writer that wrote the review.

Also I’m very skeptical with eBooks on bestseller lists because sometimes the book is so horrible, and just ended up on the list by random chance.

For these reasons, I always read the excerpt before downloading. Like with Cadman’s Gambit by D.P Prior. The book had been on the bestseller list for awhile, so I was curious. I read the excerpt, and became an instant fan of the novel. I sent the book to my Kindle right away.

The story was very intriguing. It was a cross between Mad Max (Takes place mostly in a post-apocalyptic Australia. No joke.) and Sword & Sorcery Fantasy. The world has fallen into a new Dark Age.

The Church has also risen again, and like in medieval times, they keep the technology of the previous age hidden from everyone. (So now people use swords, lances, wagons, etc.) Magic also has come back.

There is no way I can tell you the plot without spoiling it. So I’m going to say the main plot is the classic badman wanting all power, world domination, etc. As you read, you will find that the story is about so much more than that.

Prior tackles Religion, True Love, Responsibility, and Sacrifice in such a way that makes it look like he’s been writing for decades.  He is one of the best authors I’ve read this year.

The characters are just as good as the plot. The villains all have a spark of good, and are not long skinny men with thin mustachios that cackle with glee. You will become emotionally attached to every villain. As for the heroes, they are not perfect. They have their ups and downs. They make mistakes. They have feelings.

The dialogue is written with skill. No stiff awkward prose here that so many indie writers struggle with.


I give the book 4 out of 5 stars! Prior is a very promising indie writer, and if you want to read amazing tales of Good vs. Evil, read one of his books!

Available in print and on the Kindle Store.


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