10 Best Fantasy Novels: Part 1!

From reading other sites about the best Fantasy novels I notice the same books are usually on it. Like The Lords of the Rings Trilogy, or A Game of Thrones. With this list I’m breaking tradition. Don’t get me wrong, I love those books as much as the next guy.

But those are books almost everyone has read. And those are only a few books in the Fantasy genre. There are many more! 😀

This list is by no means final. Next year, my top 10 will probably change.

So let’s begin shall we? Here are the first 5!

10. Conan by Robert E. Howard:

You probably know Conan from the horrible Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Well, Arnie’s version is not true to the character. (And frankly is a wimp.) The short stories were written by a Texan named Robert E. Howard in the 30’s and first appeared in the pulp magazine Weird Tales.

Conan is the great granddad of heroic fantasy, and is still inspiring writers today. If you don’t like sword swinging blood soaked action, and diabolical sorcerers this book isn’t for you.

9. Imaro by Charles Saunders

Are you tired of Fantasy tales that take place in Medieval Europe? If your answer is yes, Imaro is for you! It takes place in a world that is much like Medieval Africa.

Charles Saunders is African American, and growing up he got into Fantasy and Science Fiction. He always wondered why the books always had white people as heroes, and never had black people as the hero. (Black people back then in these genres were usually portrayed as villains or  victims.) That’s when Imaro was born.

If you like African mythology, and rousing action/adventure novels, check this book out! (There are two editions. The one to get is the Nightshade Books edition.)

8. The King’s Buccaneer by Raymond E. Feist

Love Pirates? Swords? A little Romance? Magic? And Dragons? This book has it all! (This book is not a Pirate one for children.) Raymond E. Feist is a pretty popular writer, but the book by him that’s always listed is Magician. Magician isn’t a bad book; it’s just not my favorite Feist book.

This book will definitely appeal to fans of Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings.

7. Running With the Demon by Terry Brooks:

On most stereotypical lists of books, Terry Brooks’ The Sword of Shannara is always listed. Running With the Demon is one of Brooks’ few Contemporary Fantasy novels. (And is one of the few nowadays devoid of vampires. There is a God!) This book takes place in a sleepy small town, one that is turned upside down by a Demon.

This book will appeal to fans of Stephen King, Ted Dekker, and fans of Good Ole Good vs. Evil Fantasy tales.

6. Dragonflight by Anne McCaffery:

The Dragonriders of Pern novels are considered by many as Science Fiction. I admit, there are some elements of Sci-fi, but in my opinion there are many more Fantasy elements. Heck, the people ride Dragons not UFOs!

And Eragon fans, this book was around long before Christopher Paolini was born. This series was actually one of his inspirations… I won’t spoil McCaffery’s novel; I will just say it’s an awesome book. : )

And that is the first five! Watch this blog for Part 2!  😀

Note: On Sept. 5th, former Dungeons & Dragons Game Designer and Fantasy author Scott Fitzgerald Gray will be visiting this blog via a Guest Post. You won’t want to miss it! : )


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