Jurassic Park 3D mini review

Welcome to Jurassic Park! 😀

When an older movie that was always good without 3D is converted to 3D, most people are apprehensive about paying to see it in theaters, when you can rent it on DVD. Especially a classic movie like Jurassic Park that most have seen at least once. (If you haven’t rent it ASAP! It’s a modern classic.)

Thankfully, this remaster doesn’t detract from the film but instead adds to it. The dinosaurs, especially the meat eating ones, look more frightening in 3D than they did in the original. Surprisingly, they didn’t have to retouch very much of the special effects. This 20 year-old film had held up incredibly well.

The other great thing about this version of JP, is the sound. Maybe it was just because I was in the IMAX, I don’t know, but the sound seemed like it was much better. The roar of the T.Rex was louder than I remember, and the sounds of dinos moving through the forest was thrilling and I almost wet my pants a few times.


I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars! You won’t regret paying extra for this movie in 3D.