Goblins Swords Elves 2.0

Goblins Swords Elves 2.0

For the last two years my writing input hasn’t been the best. Sure, I’m 60,000 words into writing the second Runeblade novel, but I’m still stuck on the first draft after two years of insanity… And the book keeps growing, and I end up getting stopped for long periods of time thinking my way through the plot. When writing a Fantasy trilogy, it seems like the “easiest” entry to write is the first. (If writing a novel isn’t hard, you’re doing it wrong.)

Since I haven’t been writing as quickly as I would like, I’ve been spending quite a bit of my day exploring the web, going random places and just not being productive, and waiting for inspiration rather than writing. Lately I’ve been trying to figure out where my spark went and how to get it back.

And the solution has been in front of my face the entire time: my blog Goblins, Swords, Elves, Oh My!

Back in 2007 I’d been reading Fantasy Book Critic daily. I’d pore through reviews of the latest Sci-fi and Fantasy tales, but more importantly I would read author interviews and glean all the advice I could to use in my own writing. I would then email authors, asking my own questions about writing and getting book recommendations of writing books.

Then I realized something: I could make a blog where I could interview writers, write opinion articles and share book reviews. Thus GSEOM was born!  And the interviews and reviews always inspired me to keep writing, and they even helped my readers. Plus writing the reviews and op-eds helped flex my writing muscles which have been feeling rather weak at the moment.

This blog still exists, however as you’ve probably noticed I haven’t done author interviews for years, or special articles. Also I’ve gotten into tabletop gaming and D&D, and back in 2008 neither of those hobbies were as popular as they are now.  (Thanks Stranger Things, Big Bang Theory and Critical Roll for bringing board games and RPGs mainstream.)

Thus, dear reader, this blog is being rebooted for 2019 and onward! It’ll be a slow and steady roll-out, first focusing on interviews with authors/game designers/ artists, etc., having more guest bloggers, and occasional articles about tabletop gaming. (Eventually I hope to make a Facebook group forum and maybe do a podcast one day.)

We’ll be starting small and hopefully it’ll turn into something big and beyond what any of us could dream of, God-willing.

In the meantime: Hang onto your butts.

Are you an artist, published author, game designer, or nerdy humanoid that wants to be interviewed, or wants to write a guest post for GSEOM? Send me an email with En Guard! in the Subject line to goblinsswordselvesohmy@outlook.com .

If you want a chance to be interviewed, mention what you do, your inspirations and pictures that apply to your passion. (Like book covers, sketches, costumes, game art, you name it!)

If you want to be a guest blogger, let me know what you’d like to write about, and you knows? I might say yes. 🙂