Goblins Swords Elves 2.0

Goblins Swords Elves 2.0

For the last two years my writing input hasn’t been the best. Sure, I’m 60,000 words into writing the second Runeblade novel, but I’m still stuck on the first draft after two years of insanity… And the book keeps growing, and I end up getting stopped for long periods of time thinking my way through the plot. When writing a Fantasy trilogy, it seems like the “easiest” entry to write is the first. (If writing a novel isn’t hard, you’re doing it wrong.)

Since I haven’t been writing as quickly as I would like, I’ve been spending quite a bit of my day exploring the web, going random places and just not being productive, and waiting for inspiration rather than writing. Lately I’ve been trying to figure out where my spark went and how to get it back.

And the solution has been in front of my face the entire time: my blog Goblins, Swords, Elves, Oh My!

Back in 2007 I’d been reading Fantasy Book Critic daily. I’d pore through reviews of the latest Sci-fi and Fantasy tales, but more importantly I would read author interviews and glean all the advice I could to use in my own writing. I would then email authors, asking my own questions about writing and getting book recommendations of writing books.

Then I realized something: I could make a blog where I could interview writers, write opinion articles and share book reviews. Thus GSEOM was born!  And the interviews and reviews always inspired me to keep writing, and they even helped my readers. Plus writing the reviews and op-eds helped flex my writing muscles which have been feeling rather weak at the moment.

This blog still exists, however as you’ve probably noticed I haven’t done author interviews for years, or special articles. Also I’ve gotten into tabletop gaming and D&D, and back in 2008 neither of those hobbies were as popular as they are now.  (Thanks Stranger Things, Big Bang Theory and Critical Roll for bringing board games and RPGs mainstream.)

Thus, dear reader, this blog is being rebooted for 2019 and onward! It’ll be a slow and steady roll-out, first focusing on interviews with authors/game designers/ artists, etc., having more guest bloggers, and occasional articles about tabletop gaming. (Eventually I hope to make a Facebook group forum and maybe do a podcast one day.)

We’ll be starting small and hopefully it’ll turn into something big and beyond what any of us could dream of, God-willing.

In the meantime: Hang onto your butts.

Are you an artist, published author, game designer, or nerdy humanoid that wants to be interviewed, or wants to write a guest post for GSEOM? Send me an email with En Guard! in the Subject line to goblinsswordselvesohmy@outlook.com .

If you want a chance to be interviewed, mention what you do, your inspirations and pictures that apply to your passion. (Like book covers, sketches, costumes, game art, you name it!)

If you want to be a guest blogger, let me know what you’d like to write about, and you knows? I might say yes. 🙂


A big announcement !

(NOTE: If you saw this post on my other blog, you can ignore this post.)BladeOfTheBroken-ebook-web

My novel Blade of the Broken, is coming out in one week! 🙂

It’s very weird to say that… I’ve been telling you guys since November 2011 that I was working on my novel. I’m a bit nervous, like a parent taking their firstborn child to daycare for the first time. But you can’t keep your child away from the world around them.

You have to be able to let your child find its place… My book is essentially my firstborn child. I’ve got to let him take his first steps someday, rather than keep him in a file cabinet.

And that is what I’m going to do… On the 13th, I’m having a baby shower—err I mean online book release party! And I want my blog readers to join in the fun also! The party will be on Facebook, and is open to anybody, anywhere with a Facebook account! And it’s all day! (:

I’ll be giving you the scoop on the journey I took to get to this point of publishing. I’ll be answering any kind of questions you may have about the writing process, books, or any other questions you have. (Heck, we could even argue about what pizza is best cold!) I’ll even have a special giveaway!

In the end, I’d be honored if you joined me in the book release mania. The link is below.


P.S. Blade of the Broken will also eventually be selling in paperback also. I haven’t forgotten about you paper aficionados! (: (The latest proof I have is quite sexy.:) )

Thr3e by Ted Dekker REVIEW

I’m a big Ted Dekker fan. But I didn’t start with Thr3e. I first read Showdown, and fell in love with the quick paced, and thought provoking writing. Then I burned through Blink and The Circle Trilogy. (All amazing in there own right.)

I’ve been itching to read more of Dekker’s books, so I decided to start with his first novel Thr3e. It had a great suspenseful first few chapters, but by the time I got to the middle, it became an extremely slow read. Too many unnecessary scenes, and clunky descriptions and dialog.

It didn’t get good again to close to the end… But the end wasn’t too satisfying, and I felt like my time was wasted.

If you’reTedDekker_Thr3e reading Dekker for the first time, skip this book and read Showdown or Blink instead. His writing has improved greatly since Thr3e was released.

Overall, I give the book 3 out of 5 stars.

The Scars of Ambition by Jason Letts REVIEW

scarsEver get tired of a Medieval Fantasy setting? Or have you ever wondered what would happen when Middle Earth’s technology would become like ours? With The Scars of Ambition, Jason Letts answers these questions.

The novel takes place in a land called Cumeria, where the government hardly has any serious power, and wealthy all powerful corporations control nearly every aspect of life. Much like Game of Thrones, these wealthy families behave much like the squabbling Houses of Westoros. But, the background setting is much like modern day. There are airplanes, gas powered vehicles, computers, phones, guns, etcetera.

You may ask how Scars can be Fantasy with all of these modern pieces of technology, there still are some elements, like magic, creatures, and swords, that are in most Fantasy Novels. I honestly didn’t know if Letts could pull the fusion of new and old elements off, but Letts does amazingly well, and makes the plot his own rather than follow the normal conventions of the genre.

The story centers around the Bracken family. It centers around Lowell Bracken, the father & head of the family business called Bracken Energy. The Bracken’s have been leaders in the land of Cumeria for hundreds of years without resistance. That is, until forces beyond his control turn on him, and he doesn’t know who to trust…That’s all I can say about the without spoilers. All I will say is that the tale will keep you guessing till the end. 🙂

As for the characters, they are well done too. Every character is fleshed out well, even characters who you only see a few times will stick with you.

Overall, I give the book 3 1/2 stars!

If you are a fan of G.R.R.M, the TV show Dallas (When you read it, you’ll know what I mean.), and Steampunk Fantasy, this book is made for you.

‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King REVIEW

Click image to get from Amazon.com!

Click image to get from Amazon.com!

With books & shows like The Vampire Diaries, and True Blood dominating pop culture, (And that book about sparkling vampires everyone talks about. I don’t know what it ‘s called… 😉 )  people have forgotten what a Vampire book should be about.  And it’s not books for angst filled  teenagers, or old cat ladies. Thankfully, true Vampire books that actually scare people are around…you just have to look around. ‘Salem’s Lot is one of those books.  It’s Stephen King’s take on the Vampire story.

In the sleepy Maine town of Jerusalem’s Lot, an evil lurks below the surface of a seemingly charming small town. Then, when strange new visitors arrive, nothing will ever be the same. And not all of the monsters are of the blood sucking variety…

As with most good books, I don’t want to spoil the plot anymore. Other than the book is a modern-day retelling (When it was written that is, which was 1975. It was King’s 2nd novel.) of the first and one of the best Horror novels Dracula. So, it’s definitely worth it if you read Dracula  first before you touch this book.

As for the character’s , they aren’t cardboard cutouts. They are all deep. And the amazing thing about King’s writing ability, is that he is able to have a big cast of characters, and make them all deep, and make you empathize, and he is even able to make the  horrid characters believable, rather than clichéd caricatures. This reason is just one of the many than make ‘Salem’s Lot brilliant,  and relevant today.

This book should not be missed.

Overall, I give this 4 out of 5 stars! 

Note: This book is not for the squeamish.


The Nameless Dwarf by D.P Prior REVIEW

When a writer sends me an email requesting a review, I get a little nervous. There is no guarantee I will like the author’s book, and I prefer not to write a scathing review. Which why I avoid writing bad reviews of books, and move on. I’ve posted a scathing review before, and deleted it because I didn’t have anything constructive to say to help the author.

Thankfully that wasn’t the situation with D.P Prior’s novel The Nameless Dwarf.

Click image to buy from Amazon.com!

Click image to buy from Amazon.com!

The Nameless Dwarf novel take place in the same universe as Prior’s Shader novels (The first of which is Cadman’s Gambit.),but in a part that is more primitive and barbaric than the world previously in the Shader novels. No guns here, and no post apocalyptic Australia.

At the core of the novel, the plot is a tale of redemption. The main character, Nameless, wields an evil black ax, and the ax made him slaughter his own people, and drive them out of their home. In revulsion of his horrible deeds, he stays away from his fellow dwarfs, and shaves off his beard marking him a dwarf. He drowns himself in alcohol to stave off his memories that haunt his mind.

But when Nameless finds out they have fled to the dark lands of Qlippoth, a land of monsters and constantly changing landscapes, he goes on a quest to save them from certain extinction, even though he knows they will probably kill him before he can help.,,And I’d better stop before I spoil the epic plot, and twists. 🙂

Prior has written yet another great and original novel in the Fantasy genre. And he took a big risk making a dwarf the main character, in a genre flooded with stories with elves and young wizards in training. This is another Fantasy for adults that cover very complex themes that people deal with everyday. The Nameless Dwarf is a must read.

I give this tale 5 stars out of 5!

NOTE: Thanks Derek for the reviewers copy!

10 Best Fantasy Novels: Part 1!

From reading other sites about the best Fantasy novels I notice the same books are usually on it. Like The Lords of the Rings Trilogy, or A Game of Thrones. With this list I’m breaking tradition. Don’t get me wrong, I love those books as much as the next guy.

But those are books almost everyone has read. And those are only a few books in the Fantasy genre. There are many more! 😀

This list is by no means final. Next year, my top 10 will probably change.

So let’s begin shall we? Here are the first 5!

10. Conan by Robert E. Howard:

You probably know Conan from the horrible Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Well, Arnie’s version is not true to the character. (And frankly is a wimp.) The short stories were written by a Texan named Robert E. Howard in the 30’s and first appeared in the pulp magazine Weird Tales.

Conan is the great granddad of heroic fantasy, and is still inspiring writers today. If you don’t like sword swinging blood soaked action, and diabolical sorcerers this book isn’t for you.

9. Imaro by Charles Saunders

Are you tired of Fantasy tales that take place in Medieval Europe? If your answer is yes, Imaro is for you! It takes place in a world that is much like Medieval Africa.

Charles Saunders is African American, and growing up he got into Fantasy and Science Fiction. He always wondered why the books always had white people as heroes, and never had black people as the hero. (Black people back then in these genres were usually portrayed as villains or  victims.) That’s when Imaro was born.

If you like African mythology, and rousing action/adventure novels, check this book out! (There are two editions. The one to get is the Nightshade Books edition.)

8. The King’s Buccaneer by Raymond E. Feist

Love Pirates? Swords? A little Romance? Magic? And Dragons? This book has it all! (This book is not a Pirate one for children.) Raymond E. Feist is a pretty popular writer, but the book by him that’s always listed is Magician. Magician isn’t a bad book; it’s just not my favorite Feist book.

This book will definitely appeal to fans of Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings.

7. Running With the Demon by Terry Brooks:

On most stereotypical lists of books, Terry Brooks’ The Sword of Shannara is always listed. Running With the Demon is one of Brooks’ few Contemporary Fantasy novels. (And is one of the few nowadays devoid of vampires. There is a God!) This book takes place in a sleepy small town, one that is turned upside down by a Demon.

This book will appeal to fans of Stephen King, Ted Dekker, and fans of Good Ole Good vs. Evil Fantasy tales.

6. Dragonflight by Anne McCaffery:

The Dragonriders of Pern novels are considered by many as Science Fiction. I admit, there are some elements of Sci-fi, but in my opinion there are many more Fantasy elements. Heck, the people ride Dragons not UFOs!

And Eragon fans, this book was around long before Christopher Paolini was born. This series was actually one of his inspirations… I won’t spoil McCaffery’s novel; I will just say it’s an awesome book. : )

And that is the first five! Watch this blog for Part 2!  😀

Note: On Sept. 5th, former Dungeons & Dragons Game Designer and Fantasy author Scott Fitzgerald Gray will be visiting this blog via a Guest Post. You won’t want to miss it! : )