Ray Bradbury: My farewell.

Photo from Wikipedia.

Have you ever read an author where you can read his books over and over again without getting tired? Well, Ray Bradbury was one of the few writers I never tired of reading. Sadly, he died Tuesday night. On June 5th, 2012.

When I read Farenheit 451 the first time I was amazed. It was back in Jr. High. I noticed the book on the bottom shelf at the school library, and picked it up out of curiosity. I saw an armored  firefighter in his black suit and beetle like helmet, spraying books with a hose that spat orange flames of blazing heat.

I checked out the book immediately.

The way Bradbury put his words together was amazing. The descriptive language was the best I had ever seen, and inspired me even more to keep writing, and to get to that point someday. I wanted to know his “secret” to writing. In that search I found his book  Zen in the Art of Writing.

Zen in the Art of Writing is on my shelf by my computer and writing books. To me it’s one of the best books about writing and how to inject life experiences into your writing. That is the exact reason why he succeeded.

He stayed true to himself. And he never gave up on his dreams.

I salute you Mr. Bradbury! When I get to heaven, I am looking forward to talking to you for hours on end.