What to watch before seeing The Wolverine

Last year, when I wrote that guide on what to see before The Avengers, many people thought it was very handy to check out before seeing the film. I thought I would do the same  for what to watch before you see The Wolverine.  Here we go!

1. X-Men: First Class — This movie is the perfect intro to the X-Men movies. It features a younger, and wilder Professor X,  before he was in a wheelchair, and it has Magneto before he became a villain. There are some differences from the other films, but not too many.

2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine — This Wolverine movie was alright, but could have been better. You could have big debates bringing up this movie to X-Men fans. Mainly because of  some inconsistencies, which you will notice from watching First Class. But they are all minor.

3. X-Men — This is the  X-Men film that shot the mutants into even more popularity. This movie is about the team learning to work together. And this was made in 2000, and changed superhero films into a genre adults could enjoy, and washed out the bad taste Batman & Robin left two years earlier.

4. X2: X-Men United — It’s always hard to make a follow up to a movie as good as the first. Thankfully, X2 hits all the right notes. It’s about ,literally, good and bad mutants banding together to stop a common threat. (And this one is even better if you watched Origins, since one of the other characters returns. I’m not telling who.)

5. X-Men: The Last Stand— This one is required to see before The Wolverine, since it takes place a few years before the events in the film. Namely, the person he regrets killing is in this one. It may not be the strongest X-Men film, but it has a lot of good things to know. 

There you have it! 🙂 Now you can get the most out of The Wolverine.

I have also  added a poll, so we can see which movie  is your favorite! Let’s see which film ends up on top. 🙂


The Avengers: A guide for what to watch before you see the movie!

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The Avengers is coming to theaters on May 4th, and is destined to be one of the biggest movies this year. As a Nerd, I’ve read Avengers comics for years  and have watched movies with Marvel characters since I was an annoying 3rd grader. I know not everyone grew up being a Nerd, and know next to nothing about superheroes. But never fear! I have compiled a list of the Marvel movies associated with the Avengers, and what order you need to watch the films in.

Now, let’s get started! 😀

Captain America: The First Avenger— Since Good Ole’ Cap is the leader of the team, you have to start here, no ifs ands or buts. Also, there are some nice goodies that have to do with the other characters. (Oh, and Iron Man’s Dad is a character. )

Iron Man— I AM IRON MAN!………..Okay, this character has nothing to do with Black Sabbath. This is the story of Billionaire weapons manufacturer Tony Stark, and how he becomes Iron Man. More goodies in this one. And appearance by a one eyed Samuel L. Jackson (That scene is after the credits.)

The Incredible Hulk— Now, you might remember a Hulk movie from 2001 directed by famed filmmaker Ang Lee. Now take a wire brush, cut open your head, and scrub your brain with soap until it hurts, then scream HULK SMASH PUNY DIRECTOR! Doesn’t that feel good getting that horrible movie out of your head? This movie thankfully retells an accurate version of the Hulk origin tale. Oh, and there are some nice Captain America references.

Iron Man 2— Since Iron Man did great at the box office, they had to make another movie! 🙂 This film introduces another Avenger. You’ll find out when you watch it. Like with Iron Man 1, wait to the end of the credits, and you’ll see something that belongs to yet another Avenger.

Thor— Thor the God of Thunder is introduced, along with the world of Asgard, and the beginning of Loki’s evil ways. This is a great tale of learning to be humble. Then, another Avenger makes an appearance, and wait for the credits to end to see a scene that is crucial to the plot in Avengers.

There you go! You are now ready to see The Avengers. See you at the theater! 🙂