Origin by J.A Konrath REVIEW


In 1906, people working on the Panama canal find a mysterious tomb, and inside is a creature, a creature not human that is asleep. The U.S government takes the creature, and puts it in a secret facility to study it.  100 years later it wakes up…and all Hell literally breaks loose.


I love suspense books. Especially ones  like Jurassic Park and The Sphere.  Imagine a suspense novel that combines the fear of The Exorcist fused with the technical knowledge of Jurassic Park.  These two totally different styles and genres collide and stick together like peanut butter and jelly. Or ice cream and pickles….totally kidding about the pickles.

The plot starts off as a classic science fiction novel, thick with top government secrets, and secret facilities. And also, with the monster in a cage. The only difference is it’s not a dinosaur, or alien race. It’s the Devil. I’m not being metaphorical, it actually is the Devil.

It was refreshing to have a life form that isn’t a smart and quiet creature. It is a creature very smart , cunning, and a creature that can speak English. The thing actually has a personality, and is a fun villain. Konrath will have a hard time topping this baddie.

And as usual, its a dirty job, and some heroes have to stop the monster.

The heroes are a neurotic bunch. All of them have done something that got them in trouble with the government or the world, and were given a second lease on life, to study the demon. The characters are all likable, and have feelings. It’s like watching a very thrilling Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Writing was top notch for the most part. Short and crisp, just how I like it.And no errors that plaque many a book. Konrath has an awesome gift.


I give the book 4 out of 5  stars! If you have a queasy stomach, or puked watching a modern horror flick, stay far away.

Note: available on Nook, and available in print.

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