Tyrmia by Ken McConnell REVIEW


A star-fighter has her ship shot down on an alien planet, filled with savage aliens. Will she be able to survive?


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This is an excellent book! I honestly didn’t know what to think, because after all, it’s not published by a huge publishing conglomerate, but rather is self-published. The standard has just been raised. It even surpassed all self and traditionally published sci-fi books out this year.

The plot is a classic star-trooper marooned on planet, live among natives, befriends natives, etcetera. But it’s a plot with something to say. The book explores Imperialism (has tons of similarities of the Boer war.) not in a way previous novels I read present it, but rather makes the tale human. It was stunning. And there were tons of plot twists that I never saw coming.

Even the star pilot in the story was excellent. She was a she (a shocker in a heavily macho demographic.) and she wasn’t a stoic, unflinching killer with a gun. She was like a living, breathing person. I also loved the fact she was a smart Aleck. A great break.

And in the matter of the writing quality, the writing is short, crisp and fast. Exactly how I like it. There is a little techno babble here and there, you either like it, or you hate it.  And not  one misspelling , goes to show the quality of the book.

Also, thank you Mr. McConnell for the free reviewers copy!


I absolutely loved the book. It’ll appeal to fans of Avatar and Isaac Asimov. 5 out of 5 stars!

Note: The book is only in eBook format for now, if you don’t have a Kindle, Nook, Kindle software, or Nook software,  you can buy it in various formats from SmashWords.com